Levers + Agencies

Levers brings high-level data science to your agency, while taking away the headache that comes with reporting. Help your clients be proactive, not reactive.

Answer the “What If…” questions more quickly

What if you could show your clients the effects of your marketing strategies before you presented them? What if predictive modeling became a regular part of your optimization strategy? Combine your agency’s intelligence and expertise with Levers’ predictive simulations platform to let your team focus on what they do best: developing amazing campaigns.

  • White labeling – Present reports with your logo.
  • Unlimited Seats – Invite staff and clients.
  • Agency Pricing – Volume based tiered pricing.
  • Levers Concierge – Use our expertise to supplement your client relationships.

Let’s talk about how we can help your Agency.

Deliver Decision Making Strategies

How to discuss Levers with your clients

  • Levers is a SaaS tool with simple setup. Meaning that Levers connects with your existing services without installations or downtime. The setup takes minutes and Levers will instantly begin importing your data.

  • Levers allows us to easily test the effects of both macro and micro changes to everything from PPC budget to social media influence, in order to quickly quantify the cost/benefit of potential projects and campaigns.
  • Levers helps you answer the question – what’s going to happen next? Rather than guess performance metrics, Levers uses advanced forecasting methods to give us a more accurate prediction of where you’ll be in the future.

  • Levers generates stunning sharable reports for your forecasts and simulations. Use reports to create annotations, document required tasks, and execute strategies.

Watch Us Develop A Strategy In Seconds:

Simulate the Effect of Individual Campaigns

Evaluate Optimization Implementations

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