Control your Conversions

Execute on opportunities from forecasted Google Analytics data with Levers Blueprint.

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Check Your Performance Indicators

Set targets for ecommerce, goal completions, or pageviews and Blueprint shows your progress based on your Google Analytics data and the Levers algorithm. Then make changes based on provided recommendations.

forecasted channels and devices

Act On Future Traffic Channels

Google Analytics tells you where your visitors came from. Levers tells you where they'll come from in the future, whether you're prepared, and what to change to convert more of them.

forecasted channels and devices

Reach Emerging Audiences

Business may be expanding, but your market is probably shifting simultaneously. Blueprint recognizes emerging geographic regions alongside device efficiencies so you can create strategies to reach the right people in the right places.

forecasts by geographic location

Receive On-Target Weekly Emails

Every Monday you'll receive an email report showing forecasted performance alongside targeted goals.
Simple takeaways help you understand the meaning of the numbers.

on-target weekly email report

Create a Blueprint for
Each of Your Google Analytics Profiles

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Connect Your

Choose the Google Analytics profile you want to improve, select your key performance indicators, and your Blueprint is ready in seconds.

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Set Your

Create performance targets for revenue, goal completions or pageviews and take accurate action based on the future, not the past.

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Act On

Recommended actions trump educated guesses. Levers knows if you'll hit your targets and recommends new actions if you're forecasted to miss.

Nothing to install. Easy setup.
Actionable forecasts in minutes.
Did we mention it's free?

Blueprint is Free.


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