Predictive Analytics for Marketing

Use your existing analytics data to create predictive models without code, additional infrastructure or installations. Levers' predictive platform helps your businesses make strategic decisions by allowing you to simulate changes that optimize risk, improve campaigns, and grow revenue.

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Levers automatically ingests all data from your Google Analytics account, providing its forecasting engine with all visitor data you've collected. No additional tracking codes.



Predict what your Google Analytics account will report a month, quarter or year from now. Forecast e-commerce performance, goal conversion rates, seasonal patterns and more.



Test changes on multiple forecasted data sets and see their affects on future performance. Predict results from the traffic source all the way down to the keyword level.



Save simulations compare results and organize the highest yielding actions. Designate tasks for self, team and/or agency execution, with forecast summaries for CXOs.

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Meet Scott, a Levers Concierge. Once you've setup your Levers account, we'll assign an expert like Scott to run a forecast of your most important KPIs, then report back to you.

Forecast, simulate and execute strategies with Levers, a predictive analytics platform for your Google Analytics data.

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Forecast Forecast

Forecast & Simulate

Never approach a campaign blind again. Forecast where your current settings will take you, then simulate changes to make a better future.

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Execute Execute

Simulation Templates

Easily create simulations with one of the pre-made, Levers templates. If you can measure it in Google Analytics, you can model it in Levers.

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Track Track

Track your Progress

Set personalized goals so you can easily and quickly view your progress between simulation executions and actual data results.

track your progress

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Create a new profile for free and forecast your Google Analytics data with fast, efficient simulation templates.

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